Top 10 gaming monitor: Best Gaming Monitors To Buy Online in 2022

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The 10 best gaming monitors of 2022

If you have bought or built a computer to play, then you only need one peripheral to get the most out of it and enjoy your experience more: a good gaming monitor . Because yes, although you can use any monitor, to enjoy your games more and better, getting the most out of it and, why not say it, if you want a monitor that helps you win, then you need a gaming monitor.

gaming monitor

If you are not sure which monitor to play you need, in this complete comparative guide you will find solutions for different needs, activities, and budgets.

Top 10 gaming monitors

We have selected and compared a dozen of the best gaming monitors that you will find so that you can find the model that best suits your style of play.

10. Dell S2721HGF

If you play competitive titles and want a monitor that is up to your quick fingers and offers you an immersive experience at a reasonable price, this model can be your great ally for victory.

Excellent response and refresh rate

There are two features that have convinced us in this “competitive” scenario of the Dell S2721HGF :

  • Very fast response time of 1ms MPRT, so you do not suffer from blurring in the image.
  • Its refresh rate of 144 Hz will allow you to appreciate the changes quickly and thus get into the action as fast as you can.

And because adjusting its characteristics takes time and if you are as critical as when you change the seat of the car, it has 3 customizable profiles where you can choose the timer, the FPS, and the black stabilizer to your liking. The icing on the cake is that it’s compatible with both NVIDIA and AMD cards, which is essential if you play on a computer and don’t want to suffer from distortions or flickering that can cloud your experience.

Immersive and comfortable experience

Its panel is of the VA type, a technology that you will appreciate for its high brightness and contrast delivery, ideal for seeing better in games with a dark setting.  Of course, keep in mind that you will have to be right in front of the screen to squeeze its qualities, which is probably not a problem since its panel is curved (1500R), so placing yourself in the center is essential. Located there, the experience is surprisingly immersive.

The biggest drawback that we can put on its screen is that, for its 27-inch diagonal, the Full HD resolution is somewhat poor, which translates into a lower level of detail. Its design has an aggressive touch of gaming, but it leaves nothing to chance: it has an ultra-thin frame that we have found practical and attractive. It also allows you to adjust height and inclination to be comfortable for hours and hours, essential if you are addicted.

9. BenQ GL2480

It takes a considerable investment both to buy a state-of-the-art console and to build a computer powerful enough to run the most ambitious games. Fortunately, there are peripherals as reliable at a good price as this BenQ GL2480. If you play competitive titles and you can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is a monitor that will let you enjoy (and win) for a small price.

Top features at a low price

What we liked most about this monitor is:

  • The time it takes to respond to changes is only 1ms GTG.
  • Its Full HD resolution offers a very adequate level of detail for its diagonal.
  • With a 75 Hz refresh rate, you will be aware of what is happening in your game quite quickly, achieving fluid movements and avoiding delays or ghost images.

It is true that neither the size nor the diagonal nor the refresh rate is to shoot rockets, but overall it is a balanced gaming monitor for what it costs. Also, if you don’t have a lot of space in your room or on your desk, the size of its screen will come in handy.

A successful design

The type of panel is TN, especially indicated precisely for games where speed matters. Unfortunately, neither the color nor the image is spectacular, but they comply. Also, remember to always be right in front of the screen for the best image quality. Despite being a cheap monitor, its design is quite practical and attractive, with a thin frame and a cable management system so that “tangles” are not mounted.

Although the most modern standards such as USB-C or DisplayPort are missing, you will find an offer of ports that covers the basics and essentials: HDMI, DVI, and VGA.

8. BenQ EL2870U

This BenQ EL2870U is a very balanced monitor for those looking for a good level of detail, a fast response time, and a very competitive price.

A very versatile monitor

Those 3 features are what make it a quality-price candidate for those looking for the best of both worlds: enjoy the most ambitious graphics on the one hand and not lose a second in your game on the other.

But keep other aces up your sleeve for versatile gamers:

  • We have been convinced by the sharpness of its images, thanks to its 4K resolution.
  • That high level of detail is very well appreciated in its 28-inch diagonal, a very comfortable size for the usual distances of a desk.
  • It is difficult for a blurred image to ruin your game since its response time is 1ms GTG.
  • In games where there are dark scenarios, you will appreciate that it supports HDR high dynamic range.

Finding a 4K monitor with these characteristics and at such a contained price has a small print: it integrates a TN-type panel. Or, what is the same, that you will have to make sure you are right in front of the screen? In addition, the colors reproduced are not particularly accurate.

Also, its refresh rate is only 60Hz, which is not a problem if you play veteran titles or those that do not go too fast. However, it can be a handicap if you compete online since you will see fewer images per second and the fluidity will be less. In any case, this is a monitor that is especially understood with AMD graphics, so check the compatibility with your GPU to optimize the experience. We like its minimalist design and its range of ports, since thanks to its HDMI and DisplayPort you can connect the most modern peripherals.

7. AOC C24G2U

Not all of us have a large desktop or a large portfolio, but that does not mean giving up premium features that allow us to enjoy the most exciting games. To show this AOC C24G2U monitor is a great economical alternative for those who love speed.

What we liked most about this monitor is:

  • Its 165Hz refresh rate is typical of much more expensive models, which means avoiding blurry images. And believe me, it will come in handy for precision shooting.
  • Goodbye to ghosting thanks to its 1ms response time, which guarantees fast movements.
  • High contrast and brightness delivery for such an affordable monitor, allow you to better appreciate what’s happening in dark images.

This monitor is compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium, so if your graphics card is from that manufacturer, you can enjoy a minimum image refresh rate of 120Hz, that is, very sharp and without stuttering.

small but thug

combo The Full HD resolution and 24-inch diagonal are adequate and balanced: you wouldn’t take advantage of higher pixel density on such a small screen. Being a VA panel, remember to stand right in front of it, since its viewing angle is narrower than other technologies. However, as it is a curved panel, its design invites you to place yourself in the central area. The good thing is that, despite being a small monitor, the experience is immersive.

We were surprised that it has 6 game modes so you can customize it, although considering its features, it shines especially in FPS, real-time strategy, or racing titles. This way you will save time and make the most of it. also, The practicality of its design has entered our eyes, with a narrow bezel to make the most of its dimensions, height-adjustable foot, and even integrated speakers that, although they are not wonderful, will save you space and have to buy another extra peripheral.

6. LG 27UL850-W

This is a monitor for those who like to play individual titles, made so carefully that they remind them of a movie. It is in this scenario where the very high image quality of the LG 27UL850-W shines.

So much so, that you could even use it for tasks like content creation. It is not a cheap monitor, but its versatility can be an extra that tips the scales in its favor.

A monitor that enters through the eyes

What we liked most about this monitor is how good it looks :

  • Thanks to its 4K resolution, which will allow you to enjoy a high level of detail.
  • As it is compatible with HDR, you will be able to appreciate more luminosity and color tones.
  • The colors look cinematic, in terms of reliability and realism, thanks to the fact that it covers 99% of the sRGB spectrum.
  • Even if you stand at an angle, you will enjoy a good experience thanks to the wide field of vision of its IPS panel.

That it looks so good is poison candy, because it’s hard to resist. Of course, keep in mind that it is not a monitor for all types of players: if you need a model where the image and the response are fast, this model is not for you.

Capacities to enjoy and work

And it is that its 5ms response time or its 60Hz refresh rate falls short if you play online, where a fraction of a second can translate into being dead or still alive. If you have an AMD graphics card (or your console is compatible), then this monitor will work wonders with it, since it has Radeon FreeSync technology to avoid annoying flickering.

With a careful but conservative design, you can adjust height and inclination. But the best thing is that its port proposal is versatile to connect your peripherals to play and to work: USB-C, 2 USB-A, a DisplayPort, and 2 HDMI type 2.0.

5. Xiaomi Mi Curved Monitor

When we talk about ambitious gaming monitors, increasing the diagonal means increasing the price, sometimes to stratospheric levels. Xiaomi, an expert in offering technology with good value for money, has hit the nail on the head with this model that she knows is high-end at a moderate price.

The Xiaomi Mi Curved Monitor is a monitor that will delight both gamers and professionals looking for an immersive experience.

Spectacular size and design

What has convinced us of this monitor is:

  • 21:9 ultra-panoramic format to gain field of view, useful both on the battlefield and in an excel.
  • A 34” diagonal that’s impressive for gaming or desktop work.
  • With 1500R curvature, located right in the center, you can enjoy an immersive sensation, which reduces distortion by always keeping your eyes the same distance from the screen.

Be careful because, despite its size and format, it is not a 4K, but an extended QHD – known as Wide QHD –, which offers a moderately realistic level of detail. Its high level of brightness and contrast enhances the viewing experience, providing sharpness and vividness to images.

A proposal full of details

Its update frequency and response time are convincing in a panel that bets on quality. Its 144Hz and 4ms mean that if you’re playing shoot -’em-ups, you’ll be able to react quickly without losing sight of your target.

If your graphics card is from the manufacturer AMD, you’re in luck: it will work perfectly with this monitor, achieving image synchronization for a fluid game, and minimizing the appearance of delays or lines.

Its design is also typical of high-end, with a very thin 2 mm bezel so that, despite its large diagonal, it does not take up too much space. Place it to your liking, because it is tiltable, adjustable in height and you can even mount it on the wall. Tired of wires? It’s not a problem, because it hides them.


If in your games the important thing is not to be the first or to be the only one left standing but to decipher mysteries or complete missions, then with this ASUS TUF VG289Q1A you can enjoy the road thanks to the image quality it offers.

Impressive level of detail

This is a great-looking monitor thanks to features we liked like:

  • Its 28-inch screen with 4K resolution, that’s four times more pixels than Full HD. Ideal for not losing the detail of games or series and movies.
  • Accurate, reliable, and realistic color thanks to the fact that it offers 90% DCI-P3 color space.
  • High brightness and contrast delivery, being compatible with the HDR10 high dynamic range, so you can appreciate even textures in dark settings.
  • You will see very well even if you are slightly inclined since it is an IPS panel with a wide viewing angle.

Betting on image quality usually has a small print: due to its relatively high response time and its rather adjusted refresh rate, it is not a monitor for competitive titles, shooting titles, or where speed is key to winning. Of course, it’s great for RPG or graphic adventures.

In any case, it is a monitor that is synchronized with the two main graphics brands, AMD and NVIDIA, thanks to the fact that it is compatible with GeForce and FreeSync, an advantage for the present and future because you already know that gamers spend their lives updating our team.

If you like gaming aesthetics, you’re in luck because the lines of this monitor are aggressive, although more adjustment options are missing. However, what we liked the most about its design is that it has DisplayPort 1.2 ports, 2 HDMI (v2.0), and a jack connector so you can plug in your favorite peripherals.

3. Samsung Odyssey G5

Spoiler: it is the little brother of our top 1, but not everyone needs it, nor can it fit or afford such a beastly monitor. This is a very interesting candidate for an immersive, quality, and very competitive experience for those who are looking for an off-road monitor but are not willing to make a large investment.

If you are one of those who has a bit of all genre, the Samsung Odyssey G5 can be your perfect companion for adventures.

Balanced in all aspects

If there is something that has convinced us of this monitor, it is its balance: it is not the best in anything, but it aims very high at what is most important.

  • With a 32-inch ultrawide WQHD screen that offers quite sharp images in an immersive format thanks to its curve.
  • High level of contrast and brightness with compatibility with HDR10 content, two extras that may go unnoticed but that you will appreciate in night or dark scenes.
  • Blur-free and fluid images thanks to its 144 Hz refresh rate that, without being the highest on the market, is up to the most ambitious titles.
  • Point and shoot or get out as fast as your reflexes allow you because its 1ms response time guarantees you the minimum delay.

In its eagerness to offer a monitor that measures up to everything without going over the top in price, the Korean firm may have fallen a bit short on image density, since with this diagonal it could have stretched to 4K. Another absence that we have missed is that it is not compatible with NVIDIA cards, restricting its synchronization to AMD models. We really like its range of ports, with HDMI and DisplayPort, which will allow you to connect computers, and consoles and even use two monitors.

Not only does it offer good performance in general, but it also adds a touch of style to your gaming setup thanks to its lighting with 5 color modes.

2. MSI Optix MAG272CQR

Although the former is the most spectacular monitor in the comparison, this MSI Optix MAG272CQR takes silver as the “earliest” winner. And it is that for a very contained price it offers a high refresh rate, low response time, and a balanced screen in quality and diagonal.

The reasons why we liked this monitor so much as to consider it one of the best are:

  • The 27-inch diagonal and WHD resolution combo is optimal. Or what is the same: it offers a good enough quality for its diagonal. Although if you are looking for the maximum level of detail, you may miss that it is 4K.
  • Its 165 Hz refresh rate is more than enough for today’s most demanding titles and will measure up in the coming years.
  • Whether you play first-person shooters, fighters, or racers, its 1ms response time will result in quick and precise movements (if that’s you, obviously).
  • Its VA panel is guaranteed a good level of contrast and brightness delivery, so you can enjoy the darkest games.
  • Although it is VA, its field of vision is quite wide and its curved panel also invites you to place yourself right in the center.

Before opting for this monitor, take a look at the graphics of your computer, since the MSI Optix MAG272CQR is only compatible with AMD FreeSync technology, thus guaranteeing perfect synchronization. Are you a lover of gaming aesthetics or do you like more discreet peripherals? If you are one of the latter, you better keep looking because this is a monitor that does not go unnoticed. But if your thing is to mount a setup full of light and color, you’ll love Mystic Light, the integrated lighting of this monitor that offers 29 different effects.

Its port proposal is for the present and the future, with DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB-C, so you can connect the most modern controls or capture devices. The only absence, expected for its price, is that its HDMI is not 2.1 but 2.0, but it is logical considering that it does not reach 4K.

1. Samsung Odyssey G9

This monitor simply leaves you speechless: for its spectacular size, its image quality, and also its price. If you’re looking for a premium experience and can afford it, this is an awesome candidate. What we liked the most is the immersive experience and image quality of the Samsung Odyssey G9 :

  • With a 49” VA curved panel in 32:9 format that surrounds you, very interesting for games where lateral vision is important.
  • Realistic colors, sharpness, and great level of detail thanks to its 10-bit DQHD resolution.
  • It delivers a high level of brightness thanks to the fact that it is compatible with HDR1000, which will be great for distinguishing people and objects in dark settings.

Our only but is that for the size and cost, we were expecting a higher pixel density, or what is the same, that it was 4K.

Ideal para shooters

This is an ideal monitor for shooting games: precisely because you will be able to see who is coming from which side, the impressive speed at which the image is updated thanks to its 240 Hz, and its very low response time. It doesn’t matter if you have an AMD or NVIDIA graphics card, because this monitor is compatible with Freesync Premium Pro and Gsync, ensuring that games run as smoothly as your GPU engine allows.

very comfortable to work

However, it has also been a great tool for us to work with: thanks to its layout, it acts as if you had several monitors arranged horizontally. And thanks to how good it looks, you can take advantage of it, for example, by viewing data in an Excel sheet or similar.

Despite its size, you will feel comfortable with it thanks to the fact that you can adjust the tilt, the height or place it on a VESA mount. In any case, you will need a large desk: so that it fits, and so that you can place it at a suitable distance and height.

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