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Outriders Game Review Planet of unfulfilled hopes

There is nothing you can do, Outriders Game dev is a business. The higher the budget, the sharper the conflict between the Outriders Game you want to make and the tasks that the market dictates. Outriders Game And what at the stage of the script looks like a large-scale fantasy universe, as a result, it can be reduced to a series of picturesquely decorated corridors. And it seems to be beautiful there, often game even interesting, but it is too cramped.

But it is a commercial success. Outriders Game , a new loot-shooter from Polish studio People Can Fly , kicked off so well that the servers crashed under the influx of players. Of course, the absence of direct competitors, and the early release of a large demo version , and even with the ability to save your characters for further progress, played a role in this . There is no denying that Outriders Game itself is a heck of a lot of fun. But its true potential has remained undiscovered.

Dead Man’s Letters
About half an hour after the start of Outriders, the protagonist … dies. But that’s okay. Death is a constant companion of people on the distant planet Enoch: the vanguard of the colonists was cut to pieces by the mysterious Anomaly. Then, through her own fault, electronics began to fail, and the leaders of the expedition (the few who survived) decided to urgently withdraw tens of thousands of migrants from cryosleep. Of course, there were not enough resources for everyone, and it turned out to be impossible to establish agriculture and industry – all modern human knowledge “burned out” along with the digital database.

Outriders Game Review

The war broke out, and it lasted so long that the locals called it endless. Tired and hungry people are accustomed to living under the whistle of shells: they say, when the guns are silent, it even becomes somehow uncomfortable. However, rocket artillery is only a small part of the problems on Enoch. Aliums, people with amazing abilities, bestowed on them by the same damned Anomaly, also walk around the battlefield. Each of them is worth an entire army, and some, they say, cannot be killed at all. As you may have guessed, the Outriders protagonist is one of them.

The story, written by Joshua Rubin (by the way, one of the writers of Destiny ), curiously intertwines motives of space fiction, post-apocalypse and dark fantasy. War mages armed with machine guns send fireballs and firestorms at each other, and on the periphery, mad bandits rush with an ax at giant alien monsters. All this is accompanied by sad dialogues about the price of victory and the destructive nature of man.

However, you should not expect the emotional turmoil of Spec Ops: The Line from Outriders . The main plot develops in a rather straightforward manner, and the characters change each other too often for the player to have time to feel sympathy for them. Moreover, each of the companions, each faction and location, even random ones they meet – all have a detailed text dossier in the diary menu. No joke, various letters and documents are found on the map much more often than equipment boxes. In some places, it just comes to the point of absurdity: getting to know the story of the boss takes longer than fighting with him. Not everyone will like this graphomania, but one cannot but praise Rubin and his colleagues for the detailed study of their universe.

But was it worth it? Let’s check our watches. The Outriders have: an intriguing setting, a huge thought-out world, a gradually expanding squad of allies and a storyline with an emphasis on the moral ambiguity of the heroes. It would seem that ready-made material for a full-fledged role-playing game, albeit with an increased content of action, is something in the spirit of BioWare’s late creativity . But People Can Fly has different priorities.



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The entire accumulated array of lore hardly appears in the gameplay. With rare exceptions, the protagonist explores the world of Enoch in splendid isolation. The role-playing system is limited to the standard skill tree and does not affect the hero’s reputation in any way, although on paper it is an important part of the plot. The missions are lined up according to the same primitive scheme: to reach the location – to clear the location – to fight the boss – to receive a beautiful cutscene and brand new boots as a reward.

Outriders seems to have variable dialogues, but they are used for exposure and do not leave players freedom of choice even where it obviously suggests itself. For example, in one of the side quests, the hero learns that the smuggler, who took the parcels from a lonely old man to his missing daughter, was deceiving him all this time and forging reply letters with gratitude. To break a father’s heart with a cruel truth, or to keep in it, albeit false, but a spark of hope? The game makes the decision for you.

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Mama ama alium

So there is no variety in Outriders, and the player only has to move along rigidly laid rails for 15-20 hours? Not certainly in that way. The passage is highly dependent on two factors, the first of which is the choice of class. The selection of “schools of magic” here is quite traditional: a long-range techie-healer, an elemental tank and two damage dealers, for close and medium distances. All of them are well suited for single-player play and are flexible enough in their choice of tactics. Which, however, turns into a simplification of the pumping system: the skill tree only slightly increases individual characteristics, and does not open access to completely unique builds.

The difference is mobility. Let’s say the hero finds himself in front of a gorge: snipers and grenade launchers are firing at him from the opposite side, and a horde of berserkers is advancing across the only bridge. A conventional pyromancer in such a situation will find himself in the “corridor” and will be forced to, huddled in cover, slowly move to a more advantageous position and from time to time hold back those who got too close with a wall of fire. And a trickster who knows how to teleport will have a completely different approach. First, he will lure the berserkers closer, and then instantly jump over the gorge and eliminate the snipers. Then another jump, this time to the grenade launchers, who can be thinned out by the “whirligig” with bristling blades. And then the turn will reach the berserkers, who all this time hobbled back across the bridge.

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