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Hitman 3 game Review brilliant, thrilling conclusion Agent game

IO Interactive Hitman 3 game did not invent anything breakthrough for the final part of the trilogy about Agent 47. Hitman 3 is an ode to fulfilled game expectations, in which, with rare game exceptions, there are no gamesurprises. The proprietary formula of social stealth was polished to Hitman 3 game perfection, but they managed not to throw anything out and make it accessible to inexperienced players. And in the process, they pleased everyone – more precisely, almost everyone.

Hitman 3 game Review brilliant, thrilling conclusion Agent game

Hitman 3 Four against the whole world

We already wrote about the plot and the first two levels in the preview , but let me remind you briefly: Agent 47 challenged the shadow world government – the Providence organization. The forces, to put it mildly, are not equal, because Providence is ruled by Partners – the richest people on the planet. They switch billions of dollars and immoral representatives, which incomes the laws and the police. On the side of the bald hitman is a group of three people: Diana Burnwood – his partner-coordinator from the ICA, Lucas Gray – a childhood friend, and hacker Olivia Hall. But despite the seemingly complete lack of chances, the fighters against the system managed to come close to victory. They have caught Constanta, the Providence manager who is aware of all the secrets of the organization. After extorting the names and locations of the three Partners, Agent 47 and Lucas Gray went hunting in Dubai.

The plot still does not shine with originality, and you follow it with half an eye: it is still clumsily presented with rollers before and at the end of each mission. But it doesn’t matter. After all, for Hitman, history is the third thing. It is needed only to organically link together the chain of murders, which 47 is now engaged in for purely ideological reasons. However, it is worth giving credit to the developers: they at least listened to the players and returned full-fledged cinematic screensavers. The clips glued from the pictures, catching up with longing between missions in the second part, are forgotten as a bad dream.

Much more important is the history of each individual victim and the area where it will be hunted. Here IOI tried above all praise – the details of the sea. So much so that from the plot of almost any mission, you can make a small, but full-fledged game. Take the Thornbridge Estate in Dartmoor. Agent 47 arrives in this inhospitable land, pursuing Alex Carlisle – the heiress of an ancient family of English aristocrats, who carefully cares about their image of honorable gentlemen. While Alexa was away, someone killed her brother – Zachary Carlisle, a frail recluse who traded the society of people for a company of exotic plants. They tried to disguise the crime as a suicide, but it is very embarrassing: everyone understands that one of his own people killed … Well, or the butler. To uncover the truth and maintain a reputation.

Thanks to a lot of little things, a detailed study of the locations and characters of each victim, social stealth goes to a new level. Completing a mission in Hitman 3 is like living a day out of someone else’s life. In Dartmoor, you enter the role of a detective so much that you forget about your own assignment and with full dedication you try to bring another killer, of a smaller caliber, to the surface.¬†Hacking the security scheme and uphill the windows of a Dubai tower, you feel either a super-spy or Spider-Man.¬†Well, on the outskirts of Berlin, in a crowd of drunken ravers who threw a party in a former thermal power station, you turn into a real alpha predator. It is a matter of honor to covertly cut a group of killer suckers sent for the forty-seventh and his friends.

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Communicated normally

the developers seem to have tried to do everything to attract the widest possible audience. Hitman 3 is as friendly as possible to newcomers: it will be easy for them to get involved by following the tips of the plot markers. At the first level in the Dubai skyscraper, Lucas Gray directs the actions of 47 in such detail that it is almost impossible to dull or get bored.

Don’t want to run on a leash? Do you crave independence, like the good old ones? And it can be done. Cutting out the clues – the classic Hitman is cut in all its glory. It makes no sense to describe the gameplay in detail for the second time – it has not changed at all since the preview (as, indeed, since 2016). Just be prepared for the fact that it may take you more than one or two hours to find truly original ways to eliminate the target: the locations are huge, there are crowds of witnesses, and not all multi-moves lie on the surface. However, if the puzzle is not solved at all, you can always use one of the many elementary, but effective ways in which the levels are crammed to capacity: for example, drop the chandelier on the top of the victim’s head or push the unfortunate / unhappy from the top right onto the heads of the dancing ravers.

The main thing is not to forget: the cleaner (without incidental victims and witnesses) the level is passed, the higher the final rating (up to the “Silent Assassin”) and the more rewards: new items and gadgets, which can then be used at any level, including the first two parts.

Hitman 3 shows that the authors did not want to damage the already perfectly working mechanics, and therefore did not add anything that could seriously affect the gameplay. Yes, a new gadget (camera) has appeared, but not much since the preview: it’s still the same master key, only for electronic locks. At the level in Chongqing, the camera is also needed to break into drones and ventilation shafts. It sounds loud, but it is rarely used, so you hardly notice its appearance in the arsenal.

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