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GTA 6 Mod and Updates Rockstar Games how to play

gta 6 mod

GTA 6 mod is not just the story of three separate characters, but of a city. All around the world, so many trees fall over that the times you are aware of this are just five percent of the times you were not. Some things develop under your control, while others you never know. The reason is very simple, the game has three main characters, these three characters have their own behaviours, routines, lives, acquaintances, social circles, hobbies and abilities. This trinity system allows the story of the game to be dispersed and reunited at different points like a spider web.

GTA 6 New Safehouses Mod

New Safe houses v1.0 for GTA 6 – this great and wonderful mod creates 32 new houses to save Niko in Liberty City! You can activate or deactivate each of them. In every home, surprises await you, such as a house party, a TV, a wardrobe with clothes, or even a helicopter on the roof!

GTA 6 speedometer mod

A simple speedometer (Speedometer Simple Install) for GTA 6 is a fairly simple, cute speedometer that is easy to install into the game and does not create problems in it. If you’ve dreamed of a convenient and practical speed booster in GTA VI, then this script is for you!

Deadly wrecks mod

Deadly Wrecks for GTA 6 – a small script mod for a seat belt. Unlike the trainer, it has an icon next to the radar and the player’s own damage system (can be configured). For example, damage depends on the force of the vehicle hitting an obstacle, as well as on which side the impact is (frontal or lateral). You can also select a key by pressing which the mod will be activated. It will add even more realism and, most likely, will make your stay in the car safer more than once. Especially for reviewers.

GTA VI Sparta Mod

This Is Sparta for GTA 6 – this script modification allows you to feel like a Spartan and inflict a legendary kick on your opponent. The archive includes four versions: a simple punch and a very strong double punch. Each of them with the famous cry or without it, to choose from.

GTA VI Collision mod

Collision Mod for GTA 6 is a scripted that makes your life in Liberty City more varied. Literally, what you just didn’t notice before now has a significant impact on you. And if it’s simpler, now much more objects and things in the city affect the body of the protagonist. You may stumble, stumble, collide, etc.

GTA 6 Game Indefinite Modding Suite

Scenario compatible with 3D MAX 9 SP1 and later (excluding 2010). It is recommended to use 3D MAX 2012 to avoid solveable errors.

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GTA 6 Mod Big city life

Big City Life Mod for GTA 6 is an excellent scripting mod that adds interesting, realistic role-playing features to the game. You will have four needs: hunger, sleep, fun, and social activity.

GTA 6 Gasoline Mod

Gasoline (Fuel Script RC) for GTA 6 – the newest and highest quality script mod for gasoline! The amount of gasoline is indicated by a small, beautiful strip under the radar and does not interfere with the view in the game. To refuel a car, of course, you have to go to the gas station.

GTA VI mod Real crashes

Genuine accident mod for GTA 6 – accidents and misshapenings have gotten all the more genuine! Presently the vehicle at the most intriguing second won’t burst into flames from various mishaps and shootings!

GTA 6 Time God

Time God for GTA 6 is a script modification that allows you to control time like in Prince of Persia, i.e. rewind it back for a few minutes. It records foot movement, vehicle movement, rotations, health, speed, wanted level, current movement, animation. You can “run away” in time from death or arrest. In time, you can move both forward and backward. The mod affects only the current ped or car, and not everything around.

GTA VI Mod Armored truck robbery

Armored Truck Robbery for GTA 6 is a small but interesting script mod that allows you to rob cash collectors and bank vehicles!

GTA 6 mod Real Traffic

Chikamru Real Traffic v1.0 for GTA 6 is another, probably the most successful solution to the traffic problem in GTA 6. This script mod fixes a bug with a taxi, the disappearance of textures and adds a lot of realism to traffic on the roads of Liberty City.

Farnsworth’s Business GTA 6 Mod

Farnsworth’s Business Mod 2.0 for GTA 6 – a script mod that allows Niko to buy property and have income from it. 

– All possible places for business are marked on the map.
– The markers of the business you purchased are different from the ones you haven’t purchased yet.
– When income reaches a certain amount, the marker on the map changes to a dollar icon.
– Most of the buildings with businesses are open for entry into them.
– When you save the game, all companies are now saved, as well as statistics (time of property ownership, current income, etc.).
– In the INI file, you can change the keys for collecting income.

Escort mod GTA VI

Escort for GTA 6 is a tiny script mod that makes it possible to stick to any girl on the street and make her your chick, which is capable of .

GTA VI mod Trailer

Trailer v1.1 for GTA 6 is a script mod that allows you to hook trailers to tractors in GTA 6. Now the game will have real long trailers! Together with the script, the archive contains models of trailers and tractors.

EPM v1.5 New version of EPM for EFLC and GTA VI

EPM v1.5 New form of EPM for EFLC and GTA 6 – The celebrated content alteration that permits you to control the moving pieces of your vehicle or plane. EPM works with all GTA VI patches, but only the fourth or sixth is officially recommended. Working with the latest patch for EFLC has been verified.

GTA VI mod Hostage

Hostage for GTA 6 – the modification makes it possible to take people hostage and then hide behind them, like a human shield.

GTA VI Pissing Peds

Script Pissing Peds – Pissing peds for GTA 6 – I would not call it realistic, when people are pouring right on the street, but this has never happened in GTA 6.

Exagerrated Blood For GTA 6

This mod makes your game all the more wicked, basically, there is more blood, and it is more sensible. Retexture of blood in GTA 6 and increment the size of drops, puddles, and so forth

gta 6 mod

– more reflections;
– real blood textures (I can’t say where they come from);
– more blood;
– fresh blood for peds;
– new blood texture on vehicles.

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