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GTA 6: How can Rockstar Games take GTA 6 to the next level?

GTA 6: How can Rockstar Games take GTA 6 to a higher level?: Rockstar Games’ most recent GTA title was GTA 5 which was delivered right around 8 years prior. It is the second best computer game ever sitting simply behind Minecraft and as of late arrived at the 150 million deals mark. However Rockstar Games actually didn’t declare anything about GTA 6, it is relied upon to accompany enormous graphical enhancements. Rockstar will doubtlessly exploit the force presented by the cutting edge consoles for better shader quality and game material science in GTA 6.


By the presentation of cutting edge control center and current RTX GPUs for PC, the forthcoming title is relied upon to offer an immense graphical update on the past one, including beam following component, refreshed physical science progression utilizing AI and other cutting edge highlights. Players will encounter a huge expansion in game material science just as more responsive and extraordinary NPCs all around the city.

Tom Henderson as of late uncovered that Dave Jackson, a voice entertainer, who asserts that he has been playing the voice entertainer for a person called “Commander McClane” in the impending Grand Theft Auto title and “Skipper McClane” is conceivably supposed to be a police boss in the game. He likewise proposed that this may be whenever any GTA first title will highlight a female hero.

As per different holes, GTA 6 may present a guide of current Vice City and will be mostly founded on Miami. It additionally expresses that the Grand Theft Auto 6 is codenamed as ‘Venture AMERICAS’ and will include both Vice City and Rio de Janeiro.

However fans are frantically sitting tight for GTA 6, reports recommend that the game is most certainly not delivering soon. It is normal that Rockstar Games will deliver GTA 6 of every 2023 at the most punctual and could likewise be just about as late as 2025.

How GTA 6 could benefit from a modern-day setting

Tom Henderson’s breaks have proposed that GTA 6 will be set in a present-day Vice City. This unquestionably bodes well where multiplayer is thought of. There are a few things that are just conceivable in GTA Online in light of the fact that it happens in the present day.

A significant change presented by GTA 4 was the utilization of cell phones and the web in the game world. This has been carried on in GTA 5 also, and the domain building angle relies intensely upon the in-game web.

Players have become acclimated with these administrations in GTA 5 and GTA Online for right around 10 years. A leap to the past would mean dumping these components.

The game has even taken on advanced components that basically classify the game as sci-fi. This wouldn’t have been conceivable had it been set before. Henceforth, multiplayer would be a significant justification behind an advanced timetable in GTA 6.

Henderson has additionally asserted that the following game will include digital currency. This element also would possibly be conceivable if GTA 6 is set in the present. It would surely be a commendable partner to the securities exchange presented in GTA 5.

Something else to consider is the measure of customization the last game presented. While vehicular customization isn’t a novel, new thing, GTA 5 was the main game in the series where players could adjust their weapons.

On the off chance that the following game returns to the past, this element would likewise feel lacking. That is on the grounds that the tremendous measure of weapon alterations that are conceivable today would not be accessible in the eighties or nineties. Indeed, even vehicular change would endure, as a great deal of current redesigns weren’t accessible in those days.

A retro setting for GTA 6 would likewise mean a diminished assortment of vehicles. GTA Online components a plenty of rides, including present day, exemplary, just as advanced ones. Such assortment may be difficult to pull off if the game is set before.

Tom Henderson’s leaks have suggested that GTA 6 will be set in a present-day Vice City. This certainly makes sense where multiplayer is considered. There are several things that are only possible in GTA Online because it takes place in the modern day.

A major change introduced by GTA 4 was the usage of mobile phones and the internet in the game world. This has been carried on in GTA 5 as well, and the empire-building aspect depends heavily on the in-game internet.

Players have become habituated with these services in GTA 5 and GTA Online for almost a decade. A jump to the past would mean ditching all of these features. The game has even adopted futuristic elements that essentially categorize the game as science fiction. This wouldn’t have been possible had it been set in the past. Hence, multiplayer would be a major reason for a modern timeline in GTA 6.

Henderson has also claimed that the next game will involve cryptocurrency. This feature too would only be possible if GTA 6 is set in the present. It would certainly be a worthy counterpart to the stock market introduced in GTA 5. Another thing to consider is the amount of customization the last game introduced. While vehicular customization isn’t something new, GTA 5 was the first game in the series where players could modify their weapons.

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