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GTA 4 STAGES: All Story Missions & Walkthrough 2022

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GTA 4 Vlad discloses to you that somebody Ivan will ransack Roman and you need to execute this blackguard. It bodes well, right? What’s more, this Ivan irritated Mikhail Faustin, so the record of his life has plainly reached a conclusion. Yet! You will have a decision – keep Ivan alive or execute him. Once outside, take the vehicle and drive to Roman’s parking area. There, seeing you, Ivan will attempt to get away. In the long run, you will go to a hindered street. Leap out of the vehicle and pursue Ivan across the building site. Climb the vertical steps and afterward run along the rooftops, hopping over the “void”. You should be cautious, as tumbling from the rooftop will slaughter you. On the absolute last rooftop you arrive at Ivan, and afterward you need to pick: assist him with getting paradise or leave life. Assuming the second is near you, Niko will essentially call Vlad and trick, saying that he killed Ivan. Assuming you murder, the very same will occur. Mission finished.

Solid Jungle

Prize: $ 200.

Privileged insights: no.

Mission Boss: Little Jacob.

Little Jacob needs you to take him to Willis, as he, when all is said and done, can’t. At the point when you show up at the spot, Jacob will request that you remain in the back street. Hang tight for him there. At that point Jacob will say that you need to eliminate the folks who are running from the terrace. Pound two in the vehicle, murder the third with a gun. When finished with this, get back in the vehicle and get Jacob. At that point head towards Meadows Park. There we escape the vehicle and help Jacob execute one man in the house. It will be simpler to do this in the event that you utilize the divider cover (on the PC, naturally, this is finished with the “Q” key), and will shoot from an entryway from a protected position. Shoot the person on the steps in the head. You should enter the structure and eliminate two additional sellers. It’s quite simple. In the wake of finishing the task, Jacob will request that you take him home.

Uncle Vlad (Curmudgeon Vlad)

Award: no.

Privileged insights: you will discover why you came to Liberty City.

Mission chief: Roman Bellic.

Niko sees Roman, who is drinking in troubling isolation. He discovers that Mallory is by all accounts by one way or another associated with Vlad, however Bellic’s cousin is extremely scared of Glebov. Since Niko has his own doubts about this, he, when all is said and done, goes to the standoff. The epic goes with him so he doesn’t do inept things. Take a taxi and drive to Vlad’s Comrade Bar. At the point when you arrive at the spot, converse with Vlad. He will set his protectors on you. On the off chance that you have a shotgun, you can undoubtedly manage these two numbskulls. From that point onward, pursue Vlad. He will move away in a vehicle, you will find him. Stay away from colossal trucks on your way. At last Vlad will crash his vehicle and attempt to escape by walking. Escape the vehicle, watch the video. After you get some answers concerning the tormenting of individuals, take out the firearm and fix it on Vlad.

At that point there will be a major video and that is it – the finish of the mission, Glebov is dead, the waterway has settled his sickening soul.

Wrongdoing and Punishment

Award: $ 200, Mikhail Faustin and Dmitry are in contact.

Mysteries: no.

Mission chief: Mikhail Faustin.

Roman covers up in a garbage bin on the grounds that Faustin and some troublemakers are searching for him. Niko tells his sibling that all is well, and promptly shoots him over the head from one of the “siblings”. At the point when you awaken, you understand that you are in the area of Faustin. He definitely thinks about the passing of Vlad Glebov, yet it’s OK – he didn’t especially like him. Presently you are working for him. At that point Mikhail shoots Roman, as he doesn’t quit hollering like a pregnant young lady. The injury isn’t lethal (later Roman will say that he was shot in the stomach, despite the fact that it was by all accounts a leg and afterward extraneously). Faustin needs a squad car from you. Coincidentally, I discovered somebody to go to, isn’t that so?

Search for a squad car. You can call the cops by calling 911, you can simply smash their vehicle (any), execute when they get out, and continue on ahead. Or then again you can simply stand by at Faustin’s home. In a moment, a squad car will show up on some sort of call, the cop will toss it out and about. Don’t hesitate to take it and go on a mission. Use GPS to discover vans around there. Try not to crash the vehicle! Search for the objective on the spot. Three vans, possessed by Kenny Petrovich. They are set apart with turquoise dabs on the guide. It is diverse without fail. Two of them will be unfilled, the third – hence, fundamental. Turn on the alarms, block them and approach the driver. He will open the van, if there isn’t anything there, drive on. In the correct van there will be a forceful traveler who will begin taking shots at you. Whenever you have your van by any means necessary, follow the GPS to Hooper Street.

Do You Have Protection

Award: $ 400 and an open arsenal.

Insider facts: no.

Mission chief: Mikhail Faustin.

Since Faustin, generally talking, was “whipping”, so far Dmitry is providing orders for him. He needs to be taken to a sex shop on Hove Beach. Take the Turismo, which is stopped close to Faustin’s home, and drive following the GPS bearings. Showing up at the spot, escape the vehicle and follow Dmitry. He’s irate on the grounds that the folks in this store are selling pornography without Faustin’s assent. Furthermore, he needs you to scare them. Focus on the person on the right, at that point at the person on the left and shoot him in the leg. After this “idea”, they consent to pay Faustin a bit of the business benefits.

At the point when gotten done with this, get back to Dmitry. He will interest to take him to the weapons stop. There you can purchase a weapon, Micro-SMG for $ 1200. Yet, don’t be apprehensive – Faustin pays. In the event that you need ammunition, it costs $ 100 for each 50 projectiles. Unadulterated ripped off! Having purchased what you need, get back to Dmitry and take him home. The mission is finished.

Last Destination

Award: $ 900 and an open scaffold.

Insider facts: no.

Mission chief: Mikhail Faustin.

Faustin presumes that a rodent has fired up behind him. He has two alternatives – possibly you (how might he even think so?!), or somebody living in South Bohan. He needs you to demonstrate your blamelessness and bang that person, despite the fact that Dmitry disagrees with such designs. Get a vehicle and go to Guantanamo Avenue. At the point when you cross the extension and are near your objective, call Faustin. He will in any case need the passing of a “rodent” from you. Drive direct, go up to the station stage and converse with Lenny. He will advise you to dispose of him and set two of his companions on you. Manage them and pursue Lenny. At that point you can either surpass him at the passage to the vehicle or shoot him on the spot. Or then again pursue and execute in a more troublesome manner.


Award: $ 250 and extra missions from Jacob.

Insider facts: Watch out and you’ll see a person pissing on the divider.

Mission Boss: Little Jacob.

Somebody carries out dull things and doesn’t impart to Little Jacob. Drive to Southern Broker to find this disrespectful dealer.When you show up at the recreation center, you see a vendor. It ought to be followed gradually without stirring doubt or getting excessively close. Go through the path and when you enter the street, Roman will call, which will terrify the vendor. Subsequent to conversing with Roman, pursue the vendor into the structure. Shoot the entryway lock to enter the condo. At that point use cover to take out the foe on the right. There are two additional folks through the entryway in another room. When you bang them, the mission is finished.

No Love Lost

Prize: $ 600.

Insider facts: no.

Mission chief: Mikhail Faustin.

Mikhail Faustin needs to know whether his girl Anna engages in extramarital relations with a certain biker Jason Michel. Provided that this is true, at that point you should execute him. As usual, we take Faustin’s Turismo (and what a decent vehicle) and go to the spot – Firefly Island. After a cut scene in which Niko gets Anna Faustin with Michel, the biker attempts to escape on his bike. We follow him utilizing a bike, thoughtfully stopped close by.

Try not to squander your costly ammunition on him when shooting from a cruiser. It’s futile. There is a significantly more productive approach to eliminate the biker. Stay on its tail. Afterward, his companions will show up in the measure of four individuals. At the point when they turn left in Meadows Park, drop the bicycle and get into a close by jeep. Further, the bikers are isolated into two gatherings. One, by the street, will be furnished with guns. The one in the recreation centre – with programmed machines. Utilize the vehicle to smash the bikers and pound them. In the event that essential, escape the vehicle and shoot, utilizing it as cover. Subsequent to murdering each of the five, including Jason, consider Faustin and report the effective culmination of the assignment.

Fixed To Blow

Award: $ 700.

Mysteries: no.

Mission chief: Mikhail Faustin.

In the wake of meeting Faustin’s better half and tuning in to a story from quite a while ago, set out on another task. Michael needs you to get somebody a truck. Go to the truck that is situated in the old plant. Get in the truck and call Faustin. He will happily advise you that the unstable in the van is all that anyone could need to forestall even an atom from Niko. Also, this truck should be conveyed to the carport. Oversee it as cautiously as could really be expected. The truck isn’t quick, however it isn’t prescribed to enter corners even at this greatest speed for it. Whenever you’ve conveyed your truck, depart and appreciate the enormous BOOM! At that point flee from the scene and after two squares you will be educated that the mission is finished.


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