Traditionally, representatives graphic card of the premium segment are the most productive solutions. On the one hand, you can buy a top-end video card, but two is better! Put them in SLI and not think about anything. This approach takes place only if buying the best gaming hardware at the moment does not cause you financial difficulties. We suggest that you approach the issue from the point of view of price / performance in the framework of 4K gaming. Let’s go from top to bottom and find out which graphics card is the best choice.

RTX 2080 Ti graphic card

For the top chip, the developers ask us to pay about 70,000 rubles. As usual, the best solutions on the market are getting cheaper very slowly and at the start of sales have sky-high price tags. For the most stuffed version we will be asked to part with 85,000 rubles and this is the price in the capital. In the regions, it will be even higher.
As for performance, then, of course, this model in the entire 20th series is capable of delivering the largest frame rate, including in 4K resolution. Want specific numbers? You are welcome. In the vast majority of AAA games, the chip will produce between 50 and 80 frames at ultra-settings. More specifically, we will see the following average values paired with an i9-9900K processor operating at 4.7 GHz:

That is, it turns out that the best gaming video card at the moment is capable of giving the gamer the coveted 60 FPS in most AAA-class projects. But what about the lower rank cards? Are they lagging behind in performance? And how hard will the wallet be hit?

RTX 2080 Super graphic card

This model will fall into your hands for 45,000 rubles, which is significantly cheaper than the RTX 2080 Ti. However, the difference in performance will be around 15-20% on average. In the same setup, with the same hardware configuration, the RTX 2080 Super shows the following results:

In our opinion, if we take into account the financial side of the issue, then this device is a more preferable solution than the top-end option. The difference in price is palpable, but the difference in performance is not that great. And in the overwhelming majority of games, you can get all the same cherished 60 frames by reducing only a couple of parameters in the settings. For example, shadow detailing, which consumes a lot of resources.

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RTX 2080 graphic card

The simplest version without prefixes will cost you 41,000 rubles. And it won’t be the hottest model. For example, the three-fan version from Zotac is one of the cheapest versions. If we take a look at the performance results, we can see that the RTX 2080 is quite a bit behind its counterpart with the Super prefix:
The difference is literally a couple of frames. At the same time, the difference in the price of devices is more than 10%. We will make final conclusions at the end of the article. And next in line we have the next contender, which is even more affordable.

RTX 2070 Super and RTX 2070
If we compare the two models with each other, we will find that the advantage of the older version with the Super prefix will be about 10% on average. And this is provided that the older card is approximately the same 10% more expensive. The most budgetary modifications will cost you 28,000 and 32,000 rubles, respectively.

The RTX 2070 is clearly not enough for 4K resolution at the maximum graphics preset. But the RTX 2070 Super is practically on a par with the RTX 2080. Therefore, we see no reason to overpay for the RTX 2080. 70 with the Super prefix will cope with the load almost the same, but it will cost you almost 10,000 rubles less. But we will issue the final verdict at the end of the article.

By the way, as for the 10th generation, you can still find a GTX 1080 on sale, which is at a price equal to the RTX 2070 Super, but significantly weaker in performance. By about 15%. This means that we cannot recommend it for purchase.

The same can be said for the GTX 1080 Ti, which you can find for at least $ 50,000. Traditionally, the remains of the previously premium segment have an overpriced price tag, and the 10 series is no exception. It might make sense to look at the secondary market as retailers are asking too much.

RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2060
In our opinion, everything below, including these video cards, is poorly suited to 4K resolutions, because their performance level leaves much to be desired. The most you can achieve is 30 frames per second at 2160p. If you really want something more than the boring FullHD, then it’s better to look towards QHD resolution. At 2560×1440, these models will be able to provide a comfortable FPS for many, equal to 60.

By the way, the same goes for the RX 5700 XT. In terms of performance, it is approximately equal to the RTX 2060 Super. But, unfortunately, this is the most productive gaming card from AMD. In the premium segment, they have nothing to offer the buyer. This means that at the moment we do not have the opportunity to play comfortably at 4K resolution with a “red video card”. We hope that in the future we will see a replenishment of the competitor’s lineup, but now we will choose among Nvidia chips.

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